Forget Your Alarm, Indulge Your Weekend Passion, and Enjoy Peaceful Sleep — Daily Quote


The biggest weekend perk is the chance to sleep late. I may have a delayed sleep phase disorder. It is a phenomenon where an individual ends up falling asleep after the standard bedtimes of most folks. For years, I believed I suffered from insomnia. Aren’t we all supposed to nod off at 10 pm and rise eight hours later? The problem is, I hit my second wind around nine and don’t become tired enough to relax and fall asleep until well after midnight. But having to conform to social norms requires me to set my alarm for 5 am.

Thanks to technology, I have monitored, logged, and tracked my sleep schedule. When I am left to wake without the aid of an alarm clock, my regular cycle lasts six hours and twenty minutes. I routinely start projects after nine in the evening and often continue until one or two in the morning.

Despite what most might think, staying up late does not mean I am wasting time watching tv or playing video games. Instead, these are great opportunities for grocery shopping, doing laundry, cleaning the house, and writing. If I am on a roll, I may opt to work past what I consider my usual bedtime and finish when others are waking. This situation leaves me with a tough decision — do I try to get some sleep or push to stay awake?

The beauty of the weekend is I can allow my natural circadian rhythms to dictate my schedule. The added benefit is, my endless list shrinks, I complete multiple items, my mood improves, and I don’t feel as exhausted. I appreciate my morning coffee more, and the world feels a little less annoying.

What do you enjoy most about weekends?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

13 thoughts on “Forget Your Alarm, Indulge Your Weekend Passion, and Enjoy Peaceful Sleep — Daily Quote

  1. Jo:
    Being retired, there are times we cannot tell the difference between weekdays and weekends. But I wouldn’t trade our schedule for a 9 to 5 five days a week. We do follow a routine of sorts but it is not written in stone and very flexible.
    Prioritizing is more of a problem for me. Like what needs to be done, what can get pushed to another day, and when is my best time for writing.
    No schedule, just do it when the mood comes over me unless I goofed off too much and the time I was to create a post is close – then I just put everything on ‘pause’ and get to it.
    Would love to get back to writing 3 pages a day – hmmm – guess I’ll have to pencil that in.
    Have a great day.

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    • Even with a schedule, making sure I get my writing sessions in can be a challenge. Getting up early is never feasible, since my body craves every moment of sleep it can get. Most days, it is the last thing I do before heading to bed. If I get on a roll, it might be 2am before I’m done, which then in turn makes it difficult to wake up in the morning. One of these days I will figure it out. 😄 Happy writing, Irwin.


  2. I, too, am a late waker. I’m usually the last to go to bed. I wish the world understood that. It’s always been my fight. Even in retirement I can’t make the world leave me alone until after 10AM. I need 8 hours. All happen after midnight sometimes not until 3 am. I am happier with my body schedule. I was lucky to have bosses on occasion understood and gave me human work hours. I was especially different as a teen and two periods of classes were painful in the mornings.

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