NoNoWriMo Lessons Learned

Photo credit: toddwendy via / CC BY

Photo credit: toddwendy via / CC BY

I barely made the word count to win. Writing 50,000 words in 30 days was challenging and something I had never done before. Everything considered, I am happy with just making the goal. I don’t know of anyone who would attempt a marathon without doing some training and conditioning to prepare for the race. And yet, that is exactly what I didn’t do, I didn’t train for this event. Over the past thirty days, I have learned some valuable lessons I will apply in my writing.

  1. Some days are going to be a wonderful. On these golden days, I will be able to write 3,800 words (my best day). The words fly from my fingertips, the story progresses and when I re-read the next day, I am thrilled with what I have written.
  2. Some days will be fraught with issues. My research didn’t cover some detail that I need in the story and I can’t seem to find the information. Or I don’t know where the story needs to go next, or I end up fighting with my characters, all of which result in only a few hundred words. (my worst day 500 words). The next day’s re-read will then, of course, reveal numerous typos, skipped words, or something that just doesn’t make sense and needs to be deleted or re-written.
  3. Sit, Stay, Write. Writing every day keeps the wheels turning. There were days when the very act of sitting down to write got me past the section I was worried about. This happened on more than one occasion and lead to some days with decent output.
  4. It is ok to abandon a section to come back to later. This happened early in the month. I was slogging thru a part that was heavy in research and validatiaon. I got so far and just could not force myself to continue. I knew where the story was going next, and I wanted to get to it. I pretended that part was written and skipped ahead to the next section. Viola, I was on my way and I can go back and finish that section this month.
  5. It is important to leave time for fun. During the month, three were a few days where I had the urge to write something a little different from my novel. The characters in my loft was a good example. I knew if I didn’t write it, the story would lose the spontaneity that I felt. The very act of getting that story out of my head, cleared the way to a productive writing session.
  6. There is nothing that I would rather do. I love the process of writing and the ability to tell the stories that have been cluttering my mind. Not only do I feel like I am creating something, I feel like I am finally going to be able to put down the load I have been carrying with me for so long. Until I started this process, I thought my story was one book. Now, I know it is three. That is some load.
  7. To write you must be courageous. Writing is a part of me that I have been carrying around and nurturing for a long time. Now I am putting it down and plan to send it out into the world. What if no one likes it? So far, the few sections that I have shared have been well received. I know I still have a lot to face in this department.
  8. Having goals is a good thing. Now that I am this far, I can’t wait to finish this story. I am anxious to finish and move on to the editing. Besides, I have two more books I need to get written. That means that I still need some writing goals. I will be setting my goals for December keeping the Christmas holiday season in mind. Don’t think I will shooting for anything like 50,000 words this month.

Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

12 thoughts on “NoNoWriMo Lessons Learned

  1. Thanks for sharing your “lessons learned.” I just heard about the “NonoWrMo this year and wasn’t really in the frame of mind to start so quickly, but enjoyed reading about writers like you that took the plunge! Congratulations on making your word count…. now, on to getting published, right! Good luck!


      • I have a question. I don’t understand Nano. Is it once a year in November… or anytime you want to sign up. I will have to research it. Is this your first novel? I am in the process of writing a Children’s picture book, but would like to do a novel as well. Good goals, right! Do you have any published books?


      • Nano is in November, but they do have other events during the year. This was my first year, so I too will need to look into some of the other events. This is my first novel, so nothing published yet. Notice I say yet? That is the big picture goal. You will have to keep me posted on the process of your children’s book. It sounds very interesting.

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      • Please go ahead and follow. I will be continuing the blog. This first book has now become three and I have more ideas piling up behind those. My journey here looks like it is going to be a long one and I would love the company.

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      • Ok — keep at it. Good that you said, “not published YET,” as writers we know it is a matter of time – right! Stay focused! Good luck! I look forward to seeing you put the Cover of your book on your website! Here’s to victories in 2017!

        Oh, you should add something about yourself on the ABOUT page of your Blog site. The way it reads now is not complete.


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