Things are not going as planned.

untitled-7Part of the issue might be that I needed to figure out the next progression of the story. That took some time and the solution demanded that I do some additional research. Research is often a rabbit hole that sucks you in and only releases you after hours of trekking through the labyrinth. It is done now and the information that I found fits well in the story.

Then I had a computer Snafu and I lost some words. I do save and back up often, but sometimes these things happen. It wasn’t many words and I was able to go in and recreate what I had written, but it was a little discouraging all the same.

I have also been dealing with a lingering cough. A cough that from time to time insists that one of my lungs can be dislodged from my body. The struggle to prove the cough wrong leaves me lightheaded and weak. Prime condition for getting more words written, wouldn’t you agree?

The result is that I have only added about 3,000 words to my total. That too is discouraging, since I had wanted to finish this by the end of the month. With numbers like that it is easy to feel like a failure.

But failure is not an option, I will get this draft finished.

Today I begin again.

Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

2 thoughts on “Discouraged

  1. Remember, in the end it is not about the total word count, but instead on the “quality” of the story. Sure, you have to have the word count that is expected; however, if you focus on numbers than I think it stifles your creativity. Focus on the quality, then you can always add words in different sections to get to your word count. My thoughts…


    • Agreed! Wholeheartedly. The story is the driver. That being said, goals I set (i.e. write a novel) must be measurable. Word count is the only way I have found to gauge how much I am progressing, so I track it. No words written are an indication, that I am not making progress. For me, that has served to be the kick in the butt my creativity has needed. There may be valid reasons for no added word count, like trying to figure out where the story is going next and wanting to tell a great story. But to achieve the goal of writing a novel, I have to be getting fingers on the keyboard. Have I mentioned that I am a type A personality? 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

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