A Few Miles – FFfAW

Title: A Few Miles
Source: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – Week of February 7, 2017
Word count: 170 words

Credit: Mike Vore

Credit: Mike Vore

He watched as Billy and his men pried his first love from her resting place. While the crew loaded her on the flatbed, Billy came over to shake his hand again.

“Got a lot of miles left in ‘er. I’ll git ‘er back on the road.”

“You do that.”

He heard a car on the gravel drive and went to investigate.

Billy jumped out of the red truck.

“Whacha think?”

“Can’t be.”


“Didn’t look this good when I bought her.”

Billy tossed the keys at him. He caught them with clumsy gnarled hands.

“Take “er.”

“You ain’t gittin’ your five large back.”

“Drive ‘er. When your tired of ‘er, call me.”


Billy answered, even though he didn’t know the number.

“My Pa left me a note. Says to call you bout the truck.”

“I’m sorry.”

“What? He ain’t dead. Done run off with that red head over in Jasper. Says to tell you the truck ain’t the only one whats got a few miles left.”

Billy laughed.


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  1. Ah, the voice and atmosphere in this piece! I love it and fell right in–to the point where I got scared at the end (that you killed him off). But you didn’t, lol. Thanks for the entertainment of this excellent story


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