Desolate — FFfPP

Title: Desolate
Word count: 200 words

It was one of those days. The kind where trouble waited around every corner. A power outage messed with the alarm clock making him late for work, again. The disapproving look of his supervisor cheered him immensely. Shipping delays, cranky customers, and computer crashes competed for the “F bomb” trophy. He told everyone to go to hell, silently, so he wouldn’t forfeit his measly paycheck. To atone for his tardiness, he volunteered to close, letting the other wage slaves scurry home.

A text informed him that he was late to his son’s basketball game and commended him on his father of the year award. He had a word for her too. Tossing the phone in his bag, he headed out. Across the empty parking lot the last bus lurched to the stop light. This was living the dream. He checked his wallet. Enough for a liquid dinner at the Tipsy Cow. The shortcut down the alley earned him a black eye, the liberation of his money and his empty wallet thrown in his face. He didn’t deserve this.

The buzzing penetrated his brain. He slammed the off button and pulled the covers over his head. Thank God it was Saturday.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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