Sunday Solitude – Warm Up Exercise

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Gary enjoyed his Sunday afternoon ritual. On Sundays, the lavanderia was empty. Other days it was full of people rushing with the weeks washing. Sundays were for sleeping late, for church, and for spending time with family. Gary didn’t mind sleeping late.

Every Sunday was the same. With a basket of laundry tucked under his arm, he stopped at the shop on the corner to pick up a newspaper and a beer. As the machine cleansed his clothes of offensive grime, he settled in to read of the transgressions of the politicians and the misdeeds of the famous. Sometimes, hidden in the columns, he found a story of a Samaritan. He raised a toast to the Samaritan and took a long drink from the bottle.

Laundry done, he downed the last of the beer before chucking the empty bottle and the newspaper in the bin. The article of the Samaritan neatly folded with the laundry, he made his way home.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer