When Superheroes Fail — FFfPP

Title: When Superheroes Fail


Word count: 200 words

Dani wrestled the large cardboard box out of the minivan and hauled it to the front porch. She fumbled with the keys, unlocked the door, shoved the box over the threshold, and then kicked it across the tile so she could slam the door shut. Exhausted, she collapsed on the sofa in the living room and soon cried herself to sleep.

It sat in the same spot for months. Day after day, Dani walked past it.

“It has been almost a year,” her mother reminded her, staring at the box. Dani, didn’t reply, didn’t look at it.

Today was Justin’s birthday. Dani made his favorite cake, chocolate with chocolate icing. She lit the candles and carried it to the box as she sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him. The candles burned, white wax pooling on the dark chocolate icing before she finally blew them out. Setting the cake on the floor, she knelt and opened the box.

On the top, just has she remembered were his superhero shoes. She hugged them to her chest. He was hers for only twelve years. At the end, she held his hand and told him he was brave. Even superheroes couldn’t save her baby boy.


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