Gaucho Training — FFfPP

Title: Gaucho Training
Word count: 200 words

Rodrigo placed his hands on the cement barrier and hoisted himself up.

“¡Basta!” his father yelled from astride his favorite chestnut mare. Facón trotted up in front of Rodrigo. The reins were slack, as Papá continued coiling his riata with both hands. Facón knew Papá, she was his legs.

“Papá…” Rodrigo started.

“Mi hijo, this bull, he is feroz. ¿No? Your madre, she would kill me, muerto, if something bad happened.” Papá said drawing his finger across his throat.

“Soon, mi hijo, you will be on your horse next to me and Facón. Pero no hoy.”

Rodrigo let himself slip to the ground. There was no arguing with Papá. If he wanted to watch, it would be with both feet on the ground and looking through barbed wire. He watched Papá and the gauchos separate the bull from the rest of the herd. They branded him and quickly released him. The bull was not pleased and made a run at several of the gauchos. Papá and Facón deftly distracted the bull and sent him to a small enclosure where he could do no harm. Rodrigo watched, fascinated with their skill. He couldn’t wait to be a gaucho just like Papá.


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  1. A wonderful story. He’s learning part of the skill from a distance and already preparing himself to be just like his father. This happens quite often …children following in their parents foot steps, yet sometimes their parents find that the child decides to go in a diffrent direction for their career. The parents may be pleased, or disappointed of the decision they make.


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