The Sacred Place — FFfAW

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Maria with Doodles and Scribbles. Thank you Maria!


Title: The Sacred Place

Source: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – Week of April 11, 2017

Word count: 160 words




Dyani knelt at the river. It was the perfect spot. Water ran swiftly passed the small pool keeping the water fresh, but still enough to allow her to wash clothes without them being swept downstream. Her mother brought her here when she was a little girl, too little to do the washing.

Today her little girl slept under a tree a few feet behind her. The others didn’t understand why she still washed here. They had stopped coming after the terrible day. Everything changed that day. That day, this spot became a sacred place.

Dyani knew they were there before she saw them. They stood on the rocks across from her.

“Mother! Aunties!” she called in greeting.

One woman raised her hand in reply and smiled.

“My daughter is here today,” she motioned to the tree behind her.

“Her name is Meda, Prophetess. As you requested.”

The women on the rocks raised their voices in loud whoops. Then they sang.


Keep on writing.

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