#AtoZ Challenge — Y is for Youthful

#AtoZChallenge Letter Y

Marion and Robin

Photo via Visualhunt

They met as children; it was love at first sight. Heaven smiled on the match and created a love to last the ages. Together they made wishes and worked to make them real. The path they walked was never straight, but their love was true. There were days when the sun kissed their faces, and days when the rain fell hard upon their heads. When one wanted only to surrender, the other summoned strength and together they walked through life even when it wasn’t easy. Their courage allowed them to stand strong and upright when the road rose to challenge them.

Photo credit: MTSOfan via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Marion and Robin struggled up each steep hill and rejoiced when they attained the peak. Each step they climbed together brought them closer to the stars. Along the path, they discovered diamonds. They named each one and held them dear. Their love gave them a strong foundation on which to build their joy. Each of their experiences coalesced to become a sweet melody. It was the song they sang which kept them forever young.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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