#AtoZ Challenge – The Aftermath

#AtoZChallege Survivor

Ah, we made it to the end. All 26 letters posted on the appointed date. This was my first year doing the challenge. I only discovered it a few days before the April 1 start date and I had my reservations. I wasn’t sure I could succeed. The first of April I also started a new position with my 9 to 5 and I knew it would require a lot of my time to get things sorted. As in 12 hours a day kind of time. Considering I am supposed to sleep 8 hours of each day (I didn’t) that left little time for everything else in my life.

Week One: Things went well in week one since I had mapped out the words to use for the challenge. I even wrote most of the posts for the week before the challenge started. I had time to visit other blogs and keep up with my flash fiction posts. Yeah team!

Week Two: Even though I kept working ahead, by the end of week two nothing was pre-written. Still I wrote posts, published and kept up with the flash fiction posts, but there wasn’t time to visit many other blogs.

Week Three: Call it hell week. I wrote most of the posts just in time to publish. The demands of the 9-5 were piling up, and I sacrificed sleep. No flash posts written, no other blogs visited.

Week Four: Trudging through mud. I got this far, and I wasn’t giving up. Every night was a commitment to writing and a commitment to getting to the finish line. Everything else would have to wait, even sleep. It worked. I finished.

Photo credit: prb10111 – awol via Visual Hunt / CC BY-SA

So yesterday I indulged myself. I gave myself a little reward and slept.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer