Digging Deeper – FFfPP

Title: Digging Deeper
Word count: 200 words

Kurt stood at the edge of the pit glaring at the idle excavator. He had just arrived when his radio crackled, reporting an injury on site. Kurt rushed to the pit to see Pete slumped over the tractors of the excavator. The emergency crew whisked him to the hospital leaving Kurt to complete the paperwork and arrange for a replacement operator.

He lifted his hard hat and ran his hand through his hair. Concern for Pete competed with frustration in another delay. They were behind schedule. Kurt glanced at the office clock, time slipped away. He relied on Pete, counted on his expertise to get them back on schedule.

The radio crackled, the voice informed him the replacement operator had arrived. In an hour, the excavator growled and sputtered and the bucket took a bite of dirt. Kurt headed back to his truck.

Alone he dialed the number of the hospital. He spoke with a nurse who connected him with Pete’s doctor. Dr. Barton said Pete was dehydrated, but responding well to treatment. They predicted Pete would be fine by tomorrow. Relief flooded through him, Pete, his baby brother was okay. Kurt knew he couldn’t run the business without him.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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