Good Dog Gunner

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Gunner’s nose twitched, pulling his head from his sleeping position. His eyes opened slowly and focused on my face. I smiled, and he got to his feet shaking his body from the nose to his tail, in the way dogs do. When he stopped, he was awake, his nose sniffed the air until he caught the scent. He was a smart dog. The nose told me he knew about the treats in my pocket.

I patted his head calling him a good dog, but it wasn’t what he wanted. Brown puppy dog eyes tried to melt me into submission. I was strong. He cocked his head and I could hear the voice in his head. I watched him and didn’t say a word. He pranced and wagged his tail and the nose wiggled, confirming there were yummy cookies he should be eating. Growing impatient he bayed.

“Shh,” I whispered, and he cocked his head again trying to understand.

“Sit,” the command was firm, and Gunner’s eyes shifted from my face to my pocket and back to my face.

“Sit,” I said again. I held my breath as he wavered, thinking, learning.

Then Gunner sat, tail thumping on the floor, nose twitching, waiting. He didn’t wait long, and the treat disappeared in an instant. Gunner got up, but the nose focused him on the scent – more treats in my pocket. He stared at me and sat once more.

Training had begun.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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