Adahy began his day long before sunrise. Accustomed to walking long distances without stopping, he left no evidence of his passing. The thick forest made the trail difficult to follow, but he was sure of his skills. As the day passed, Adahy worried if perhaps the directions were wrong.

He stopped and closed his eyes. Once again, he sat at the fire speaking with Hania. They spoke for only a short time, but Hania’s gave specific directions and Adahy focused on each word, committing the conversation to memory.  Adahy retraced his steps comparing them to Hania’s directions. He trusted his memory and his skills; so, he wondered if Hania lied to him.

The stakes were too high, so he kept walking as the sun slid towards the horizon. At last, he saw the trail tree, and it looked exactly as Hania had described.  Adahy sighted along the trunk of the tree as instructed. With the location fixed he broke into a run. The sun was setting, and his future depended on him reaching the camp before the ax fell.


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Jo Hawk The Writer

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