The Drive

Photo credit: Phil Denton on VisualHunt / CC BY-SA

No sane person is out today. So here I am practicing my insanity. Why was it always me? Oh, I listened to their half-baked pseudo-logical arguments, concocted to serve the one telling the story. There is no point in arguing. I tried that before. The weather forecast calls for hazardous driving conditions, freezing rain, ice, and snow. The trip begins with all of it, including white-out conditions. I follow the taillights of the semi in front of me, trusting the driver will keep it between the ditches.

The truth revolves around money and betrayal. I risked everything, swallowed my fear and betrayed my family by leaving. Making my way alone had not been easy, but eventually, things fell my way. I traveled the world, negotiated deals, and they paid me well. The workday never ended, and priorities were squeezed but it was worth it.

The weather cleared as I drove past farmhouses and pastures. Lights in the houses painted an impression of cheery fires and happy families. As I drove, I wondered what it was like to never venture over fifty miles from the place you were born. The miles slipped away, and I felt my life slipping, fading into my rear-view mirror.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

2 thoughts on “The Drive

  1. So here I am practicing my insanity. – most favourite line! how do you come up with these?! i felt a deep homesickness, never having a place to really call home. your descriptions of the cheery homes and bleak snow added to that, very emotional connect


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