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I first saw her in the spring. Chance morning meetings turned into regular occurrences. She was cute, and I looked forward to seeing her, but I forgot her before I got to work. Her business did not concern me. One morning I realized she was hungry. It took several days before I got my act together and remembered to open a can of tuna on my way out the door. The days passed, and she greeted me as I left for work, winding around my legs, expecting me to stroke her head or perhaps waiting for me to feed her.

One rainy night, I pulled into the driveway, my headlights capturing glowing eyes on my doorstep. That night everything changed. She was soaking wet and looked pathetic. Her blues eyes looked at me, she opened her mouth and mewed. She had never spoken. My heart melted and when I opened the front door she dashed inside.

Her body was a dark cream but her face, tail and the tips of her ears were a warm chocolate brown. Her marking reminded me of a chocolate truffle and that became her name. She wakes me every morning and rushes to the door to welcome me home each night. Every evening she climbs into my lap.  I pet her while she purrs and then falls asleep. I can’t remember my life without Truffles.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

10 thoughts on “Truffles

      • Well I lived down the road from a round barn and my grandfather was a farmer, Grandpa was a great storyteller and I was trying to channel him in that story. I had a teacher tell me to write what I know… its taken a long time to begin to figure out what that means.

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      • Well, that is exactly what it means… if you write what you “know,” you are writing from experience, from passion, from exact wording, so then your story sounds very real and should be easier to write, because you don’t have to invent so much. Those are my thoughts anyhow. 🙂 Excellent story on the round barns, I enjoyed it AND that is why I thought, “this story sounds like a “real” story, same with the cat.”

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