Rescue at Sea — FFfPP Week 30

Title:  Rescue at Sea
Word count:  170 words

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Shelly refused to address the situation. It was easier to sleep late, swim in the sea and toast the day with an entire bottle of chardonnay. Today reality hit, she was out of time, money and even excuses.  She needed a plan, one she didn’t hate.

She didn’t swim today. The sand was warm where she sat contemplating the horizon. It was a perfect illusion.  Her mind in turmoil, dark clouds filled the sky and mountains of waves swept over her, tossing her to a rip current she could not escape. Shelly fought, and as her strength drained, she realized she would drown.

Drown? The thought shocked her, yanking her from the self-pity tidal pool. She was a strong swimmer, a lifeguard and knew you didn’t fight a rip current.  You remained calm, swimming parallel to the beach until the current ebbed, and you could swim diagonally towards the beach. Shelly stood and dusted the sand from her pants. She had the answer and everything she needed to rescue herself.


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