Lesson One — FFfPP Week 31

Title: Lesson One
Word count: 170 words

MorgueFile May 2018 1382470355ix82z

Marissa watched the car back down the driveway and listened to the garage door close. Why couldn’t they hurry? In the street, the car stopped, and Marissa wanted to scream. Finally, the car moved forward. When it turned the corner, she slid from the window seat to the floor, tossing cushions as she moved. Hinges creaked as she lifted the seat pushing aside blankets. She tripped the concealed lever that opened the secret compartment.

Marissa grabbed the leather ties and pulled the package from its hiding place. She sat cross-legged and placed the package in her lap. It only took a moment to unwrap the soft kid leather protecting her precious book. Marissa caressed the cover and marveled at the embossed details.

She opened the cover to the marked page. She needed something simple to begin. A storm should work. Marissa turned pages until she found one. She touched the pendant on the necklace she wore and read the words aloud. Outside the window, dark clouds rolled across the sky.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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