Facing Fear — FFfAW Challenge

Title:  Facing Fear
Source: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – Week of 08-14 through 08-20-2018
Word count:   170 words

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Ted Strutz. Thank you, Ted!

What was she doing here?

Diana pulled her car into the parking lot and shifted into Park. A ferry approached the launch and cars waited to load. Diana’s hands trembled, and she breathed in ragged gasps.

Why had she agreed?

It was her therapist’s idea. She insisted Diana confront her fears and leftover emotions from the accident that were controlling her life. It sounded rational in the therapist’s office.

How was this going to help her?

They called it a freak accident. The water was choppy the day she drove onto the ferry. She was the first car in line. The ferry lurched and the truck behind her rear-ended her, hard, causing her car to catapult into the bay. She remembered trying to escape, water filling the car and the sky disappearing as she sunk under the waves. She didn’t remember being rescued.

When would she get past this?

She realized she didn’t need to relive boarding the ferry to face her fears. Diane turned the car and headed home.


Keep on writing.

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