Labor of Love – FFfPP Week 33

Title:  Labor of Love
Word count:   200 words

Daria Shevtsova pexels-photo-1070945

The first fingers of dawn hadn’t touched the black velvet curtain of darkness when Laroux flipped on the kitchen lights. Overhead, the fluorescents bounced off spotless stainless steel and bleached white tiles. Wednesdays were her favorite day of the week. She had three hours alone, to play in the kitchen.

Laroux tied her apron and gathered the ingredients, yeast, sugar, salt, oil, and flour. Yeast was a special ingredient, the origin of life. Baking took simple items and used chemistry, art, and kneading to form an aromatic loaf. She measured yeast into warm water, watching it bloom before stirring in the remaining ingredients. Laroux continued adding flour, forming a soft dough she turned onto the marble bench. She gathered the sponge, pushing bits together until it stuck in a lumpy ball. Now came the fun, the hard work.

The heel of her hand dug into the dough moving like an earth mover compacting dirt, stretching the dough on the marble, then folding it into a ball. Laroux repeated the actions, developing the gluten in the flour. Then, she and the dough rested. The dough doubled in size, ready for the oven. Laroux created bread with love to please the senses.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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