Daily Quote

I feel as though I spend at least as much time plotting and planning as I do in the actual writing. The thinking stage for flash fiction sometimes takes as much time as a short story. Maybe that is due to having fewer words to express an idea.

Discipline – show up every day to write and actually write

Foresight – have to have an idea to write about

Research – what was that guys’ name?  what is that detail I almost remember?

Strategy – I am going to write about this topic and I expect the ending will go something like…

Still working on the done right leading to total victory.


What is your process? Do you plot and plan and strategize? Or can you just sit and write?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

5 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. I don’t think I do enough planning. Research, yes if I am doing book reviews or factual writing. when I wrote flash fiction I always went with a feeling, that’s the difference between your stories and mine Jo, yours are well thought out with a message, mine are usually just transposing a feeling (LOL!). No perfect scenario for me, maybe a balance is needed. But I like when I can just write and then look up the parts that need confirmation for content.


  2. I, unfortunately, start with about two or three sentences fully formed in my head. After that, everything that comes out is a surprise and often completely unrelated to what I *thought* I was going to write about.


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