Clean Water — FFfPP Week 34

Title:  Clean Water
Word count:   180 words

MorgueFile May 2018 1421077743edokn

Chipo didn’t like this, not one bit. Ma had always walked two kilometers to the river to collect their daily water. As Chipo grew, she helped to carry the heavy containers. They used the water to cook, bathe, wash their clothes and water the cows. She remembered the men digging the well. They spoke in loud voices and their loud machine made the earth shake. They located it in the middle of the village, a dozen steps from their front door. They told Ma and Chipo they wouldn’t need to walk to the river and Chipo thought it would be wonderful.

They left, and she and Ma no longer walked to the river. Then the water changed, it tasted funny and Chipo stopped drinking it. Ma said it was fine. Weeks passed, the water turned brown, and the well sputtered and sprayed. Then it ran dry and Chipo resumed her daily trips, but Ma stayed in bed too ill to walk the two kilometers.  A week later, Ma died.

Now they returned to fix the well. Chipo walked to the river.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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