May December

Photo credit: madrones on / CC BY-ND

The first cherry blossoms were springing to life, heralding a beginning. Delicate and sweet the scene unfurled. My heart soared, buoyed in the gentle breeze, I danced. And I danced as petals fell at my feet and the leaves turned green.

Exhausted I collapsed into tall grass which did little to shade me as the sun’s rays strengthened. Lazy summer consumed my will, zapped my resolve.  The perspiration evaporated as I lay and listened to the trees grow and the insects sing. I rose and ran I had work to do. Days stretched to infinity, but time was short.

Too soon the sun burned the maple leaves, coloring them vivid orange, yellow and red. They clung to hope. Chilled winds cast me adrift like the falling leaves and the river’s current carried me. I cared little where it ended, but it ended in ice. My veins, my essence preserved in crystalline structures, suspended in time I waited for the next transformation.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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