The Race

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The night shift was boring. Krista and Jordan had been working here for years while I joined six months ago. It wasn’t uncommon to find one of us asleep at our station. The company didn’t care, so long as we responded if something happened. Highly trained experts in our fields, it would take the three of us to man the controls.  So, we sat in the control room and tried to stay busy.

Tired of sitting, I challenged Krista and Jordan to a race. It didn’t take much convincing before we wheeled our desk chairs into the tunnel and marked a finish line. Krista giggled as we lined up and Jordan stretched, flexed his arms and warned us to prepare to “eat his dust”.  The rules stipulated we would sit in our office chair and use only our feet to move towards the finish line.

We lined up and Krista shouted, “Ready, set, go!”

On her mark, Krista and I walked our chairs forward. My feet became tangled in the spokes at the base of the chair and my heels took a beating as I inched forward. Krista adopted an interesting technique. She slouched low in her chair and threw her feet in front of her digging in her heels. Krista then swept her feet back lifting her heels over the casters, throwing her legs to either side. She looked ridiculous, but she made forward progress. I glanced over my shoulder at Jordan who had spun his chair around with his back to Krista and me.

“Jordan,” I yelled, “The finish line is the other direction.”

Krista looked back at Jordan and laughed. We both gaped when Jordan pushed his chair back towards us and the finish line at an alarming rate. Jordan’s backward style suddenly didn’t look so funny and Krista and I put our feet to work. Krista was in the lead and I was stumbling and bumbling along behind her when Jordan shot past me. He stuck his tongue out at me as he passed.

A blaring alarm sounded, and we froze, but only for an instant.

“Stations, now,” Jordan shouted as he leaped from his chair and sprinted towards the control room. Krista raced past me shouting orders. The real race was on.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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