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Quote by Zadie Smith

This quote perplexes me. It seems to me the short story demands a deeper level of representation. In a novel, you have real estate to develop a character. Your character in a short story should not be any less complex than one in a novel. The issue then becomes how you allow the reader to identify with the character without the verbiage.

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  1. I am not surprised that this quote comes from an author that has confused me with her characters! She uses characters to drive the story but they are so lukewarm I could not identify or too strong they overshadowed the protagonist. I am not sure how to strike a balance but novels by Fredrik Backman might be a good example of setting the standard.

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      • She has a lot going on in her mind and wants the characters to describe the journey, but we have a limit to language and dialogue, it resulted in poorly developed characters that could have had strength if she did not restrict their involvement, just as they were about to take shape she discarded them for a new one. I think I get too involved in my characters, reading or writing…LOL! your discussions have been very eye opening to me. I admire the thought you put into these things

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      • I like to know everything about my characters when I read. When I write I try to make sure I know them at least as well as I know myself.

        I am happy you are gaining some insight from our discussions. I like to tease our meaning in words. Part of the reason I write I think πŸ˜‰

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  2. I haven’t written much fiction, but the handful of pieces I’ve written have been heavily reliant on character development… to the point where the plot is more of an afterthought. Because I usually write about myself, the character isn’t a mystery. In my short stories I think I’m really just trying to get to know the people I’m writing about.

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