Daily Quote

Quote- Haruki-Murakami

Writing transports me much the same way as reading. The worlds are equally real. The difference between reading and writing is, in reading, I am a passenger; the author does the driving. Where I might turn left, the author turns right. When I write, I am in the driver’s seat. Hands on the wheel, I create destiny from unlimited possibilities.

There are reasons for reading and for writing, but given a choice, I prefer to drive.

Does your writing world feel real to you?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

7 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. “Hands on the wheel, I create destiny from unlimited possibilities” Love that line and I love the quote. I love a good read. Good books are food for the soul. I write when the mood strikes. I think I love them both equally.

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  2. I need to think on this one Jo, what is it that defines my writing world, if I can answer that first then maybe I could think about whether it is real or not. for now I feel blogging is like a journal of sorts, and the writing I do for work and for my editor the real writing, as it gets published and is in hard copy. but these worlds never cross or meet.

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