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Composers, writers, artists of all types search for ways to make the ethereal, the ephemeral and the elusive, tangible. The work we attempt is to take ideas that are without form or substance, imagined things that are beyond words and translate them into music, stories, art, and reality.

Artists create or relieve anxiety, foster understanding, challenge social norms, entertain, enlighten and elevate us.

Today’s challenge is to Imagine the Unimaginable.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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    • Why not apply it to the story you are writing? Say you are writing about a happy family. What unimaginable thing might happen to turn the world upside down. Does that make it a better story?

      What would happen in a mystery story if the detective was getting close to solving the murder and was found dead in his bathtub? What happens now?

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