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Joe’s statement is profound. Life is a big black freight train. Your job is to position yourself next to the tracks, avoid a head-on collision, grab hold, and climb aboard before the train passes. You don’t live life sitting on the siding.

How does this quote relate to writing? For me, it means facing the onslaught, writing every day, pursuing opportunities, improvement, challenges and demanding more of my writing. When the train whizzes past I will have the skills to clamber aboard.  Stretching beyond your comfort zone is tough. It is scary to grab hold and claim your place. The payoff promises a heady rush.

What are you doing today to run with life?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

11 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. my editor pushes me onto the train tracks all the time- if not for him I would be very stagnant and the train would pass me by every time. it is good to have someone or a method of writing that makes us get out there

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  2. I like being part of accountability groups. I am really good at keeping to my own deadlines, but I like having the outside support. They can hoist me aboard the train as it rushes past (because I’m rather clumsy!) 🙂


    • Great point Kate. You are so right. I am great at setting and keeping my own goals (unless life kicks me in the teeth). But it is wonderful to have a group to help with cheer leading when things get overwhelming.

      I have tried several, but I guess playing Goldilocks and am still searching for one that is “just right.” Any recommendations?.


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