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Life has presented me with challenges lately in finding time to write. I adapted. I have written in hospital rooms, doctor’s offices, cafeterias, odd offices, my car, and even a coffee shop. My hopes are of writing at my desk in the loft, but this experience has opened the possibilities.

Where does your writing routine take you?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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      • Thanks, dear for the compliment. I had a discussion about which device is better for blogging with another blogging friend of mine. As she was a proponent of laptop and I was advocating a phone or android device. The reason I like the iPhone or android phone is that provided I have a data connection or WiFi, I can write anywhere. While carrying a laptop everywhere becomes a bit cumbersome.


  1. i do really try to write in the mornings, but some days routine gets thrown out the window. i will compensate in the evenings, late at night is one time I can’t focus at all. when inspiration strikes I can write anywhere.


  2. Yes, I try and be open to writing wherever the words find me!!! I usually try and keep a notepad and pen with me and if I don’t have that then I use the voice recorder app on my smartphone. That works most of the time. Bravo!!!

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