The Protector — FFfAW Challenge

Title:  The Protector
Source: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers
Word count: 175 words

This week’s photo prompt is provided by wildverbs. Thank you Wildverbs!

Cornered, Lodovica ran into Piazza San Marco. The open Piazza and the full moon gave her nowhere to hide. Figures wearing plague masks surrounded her on three sides. She ran toward the Canale Grande. Her pursuers slowed, and she heard laughter. They had captured her.

Nearing the water, she noticed the center of the canal. Water churned and rose into the air forming a colossal wave topped by a giant winged lion. It rushed toward the Piazza, depositing the lion between Lodovica and the masked men.  The lion lifted his massive front paw and gestured at them.

“Begone, you will remember nothing of tonight,” he said.

The men dissolved into the shadows. The lion folded his wings then turned to look at Lodovica.

“Who… who are you?” she asked. She stepped back as the lion raised his paw pointing to the granite column and the statue of the winged lion.

“The protector of Venice,” Lodovica said.

“This was not your day to die. The Saints call you for important work. Are you ready?”

Lodovica nodded.


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