It — 100 Word Wednesday

Title: It
Source:  100 Word Wednesday: Week 92
Word count: 100 words

Photo by Alex Iby

Franny screamed.

In the eerie gloom Charles, Franny and Alex crowded the edge of the raft searching for Mickey beneath the waves.

“Stay back,” Charles jerked away from the edge pulling the girls with him.

“Somethings out there and its gonna kill us.”

Alex scowled at Charles. “You’re such a sissy, Charles, it’s only water,” she said.

Franny screamed again, pointing. Mickey’s hands had breached the waves. Franny reached for him, but Mickey was yanked downward and disappeared.

“I told you, its out there,” Charles said clinging to Franny.

“It’s not out there.” Alex gazed across the waves and smiled.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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