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I live for the rewrite. My process is to write like mad, letting everything fall onto the page. It marinates while I grab a cup of coffee. Then halleluiah, I get a do-over. Or two or three or however many it takes until I like it. It kinda makes me feel sorry for the brain surgeons.

What are your feelings about editing and rewriting?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

14 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. depends really. if its a short story or flash fiction i don’t do much of a rewrite but when its my article for submission i will really pour over it. i take the most time if its for a publication. but like you i do let the words fall out and then edit, i will edit everything at least once. sometimes when editing a new idea takes shape, that is the best part of writing

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  2. I edit as I go. Periodically, or when I start up the next writing session, I edit what I’ve already written and then move on to new prose. And I always wind up with a weaker ending than the rest of the piece 😣

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