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Coffee is my friend. I like mine black, without sugar or cream. I like mine strong, it shouldn’t look like tinted water or tea. I like mine hot, lukewarm coffee is disgusting, and don’t even think about putting it in the microwave. I also like mine silent, I don’t need opinions about my writing from my coffee.

When do you know your writing day is done?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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  1. i am not sure really, i usually tire out soon after dinner, that’s when i read and look for quotes, new articles and maybe just jot down bullet points or last thoughts in my journal. i like the winking coffee – so cheeky

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    • Running out of time and energy are the two main enemies I believe.

      It is ok not to like coffee, if everyone were exactly the same this would be a pretty boring world. 😉

      Thank you for commenting Laura. Hope to see you again soon my friend. 😊


  2. I am a black, no sugar or cream gal. No fancy latte or cappuccino. Coffee is black and proud. LOLOL 😂
    You know that question can’t be boxed in unless you are a disciplined writer. I like to write when I feel the inspiration. When you’re retired the first thing eliminated from your life is time restrictions.
    Have a happy day 😀
    Isadora 😎

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    • Strong, dark and hot is how I like it. 😉 I just do not understand adding all that stuff to coffee. (besides I am lactose intolerant)

      I write every day, seven days a week. My minimum is 100 words which often turns into more. So even though you may not be writing every day, when you do write you have some stopping point. Is it when you run out of inspirations? When other duties call? I am curious. 😁

      Thanks for commenting Isadora.

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      • YUP … my thoughts on coffee exactly. I never understand those coffee flavorings especially seasonals like pumpkin or peppermint. HA HA … and I am lactose intolerant/gluten too.
        I like to do a lot of things. I was a former dancer in my 20’s – 30’s. Then, I went into the art field of selling silver handmade one-of-a-kind jewlery for 28 years. My creativity takes me on different rides everyday. I like to paint, do photography, knit, cook, bake, grow orchids, writing and other creative things. I like learning new things and want to know everything. My mother used to tell me that ‘Curiosity killed the cat’ so I guess I can add curiosity.
        Oh … I didn’t add the daily cleaning. laundry and food shopping. LOL
        And sooo it goes …. Enjoy your cafe today
        Isadora 😎
        ps … I nerver run out of inspiration because I observe life. There’s a story everywhere. : )

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      • Isadora I think we are kindred souls. Aside from the whole coffee/lactose (and maybe the gluten thing too) I love to bake, I crochet, quilt, sew, grow orchids and I want to teach myself to paint. If it involves creativity then sign me up.

        Glad to meet you my friend.😊

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      • Well … it’s very nice to meet you too. I also crochet. LOL I started crocheting in the 70’s during the whole hippie thing. I wasn’t a hippie but loved the idea of crocheting.
        There’s a wonderful Zen paint set you can purchase from Amazon. It’s called The Buddha Board Box. It comes with a brush and grey board. It’s small. You dip the brush in water, paint on the board and that’s it. It disappears in a few minutes. I like to meditate and paint on it. Everyday is different. Check it out … 😄
        It’s a pleasure to meet you too. Thanks for responding. 😎

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  3. I’ve never been a coffee drinker, but I like your point of view on coffee.
    When do I stop writing for the day? When the well runs dry, then it’s time to do something else while the well fills up again.
    Mostly I stop when I get tried.

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  4. I love my coffee, I tell ya what. Haha I liked it man, I really identified with liking dark coffee. If ya don’t get the caffeine what the point? I enjoy my coffee silent as well cause I know it would judge the hell out of my life decisions.

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  5. You and your commenters make me feel so wimpy! Ha! I only had a taste of coffee as a kid (6) and hadn’t been a drinking of coffee until about a year ago, but only in the way I was first introduced to it – cream and sugar!! I stop writing when I fall asleep. So many times I’ve gone to bed only to have words start swirling around in my head and force me to get up and write them down. I never mind visits from my Muse!!!

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    • Coffee drinking in not a prerequisite to being a writer, and I am sure no one will toss you out on your ear just because you add cream and sugar. 😉 Like you say if my muse is rattling around in my head I transcribe whatever is being communicated. My muse likes to keep me jumping like a marionette. 😊


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