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Today is a new beginning. The rising sun wakes us, prompting us to engage in our morning rituals. One morning ritual is reviewing what I want to accomplish before I must return to sleep. Excitement grows. Today all things are possible, and motivation emanates from that excitement.

Motivation can be created. The question is how? Do we create excitement about a project? A sense of responsibility? Desire?

What is the trigger for your motivations?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

11 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. Love the quote you shared. Yes one has to keep oneself motivated. My motivation to write come from reading. My motivation to keep to healthy goals comes from a desire to be free from dependence.

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  2. You quote cracked me up!!! Thanks so much for that!! Yes, motivation is something that can be hard to get or maintain if you really don’t have a desire to do whatever it is you are trying to get motivated about. I don’t want to provide examples, but I have them! LOL! So, for me it seems that the best thing to get you motivated is to focus on stoking your desire to do something – are they the same thing? I find it really helps if what I’m wanting to do is something that I consider “Fun to Do”! Must do’s usually carry there own motivation – fear!


    • LOL Fear can be a great motivator. It is the reason some of us arrive to work on time, pay our taxes or take out the garbage. The fun stuff is easy to get done. It is the stuff that falls in the middle that is difficult for me to accomplish. It is not fun and there is no big downside for not doing it. We, humans, are such odd creatures. 😊


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