Spirit Journey — Thursday photo prompt

Title: Spirit Journey
Source:  Thursday photo prompt: Stark #writephoto
Word count: 210 words

The sudden wind tugged my braid, forcing me to look across the mesa. Where had I been that I did not notice the darkening sky, the gathering clouds or the falling rain in the distance?

My thoughts swirled in my heart like a Chiindii trapped in a box canyon. I lifted and examined each tiny pebble, hoping to discover an answer engraved in the stone. There were no secrets hidden there.

The rain approached, and I wrestled with my demons, determined to banish bad thoughts and bad words from my mind. The wise ones said I must respect the rain, or the sacred forces would punish me. Perhaps my punishment had already begun. The sacred forces drove me from my clan and married my love to another. They left me with nothing.

I faced the coming storm, arms spread wide to meet the assault. A scream erupted from my spirit, shattering the silence. Lightning flashed and thundered rolled across the land, knocking me deep into the abyss. Mother Earth folded her arms around me while a gentle rain washed away the pain. When I opened my eyes, my heart pounded with the beat of a thousand drums and I knew I was no longer doomed to walk this world alone.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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  1. your story with the ancient spirits is a favourite, I feel that stirring of an unspoken bond with the guardians. I would so love to see you explore more of this.


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