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There is a pair of mallards who visit my yard each year. When they arrive, I share cracked corn and perhaps a handful of crackers. I seldom have bread in the house. They arrive before dusk reminding me that at this moment my job is to enjoy their presence. They go where the water flows and let it take them where it will. I remember my ducks as I write and let the story take me where it will.

Where is your story taking you today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

8 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. Your metaphor of the ducks moving with the flow of the water is perfect. That’s exactly how I write as well. I have a friend who I collaborate with on writing and video projects and he’s the opposite. He needs to have everything planned out before he can make a single move. Which I kind of envy- I wish I could plan things out, but I enjoy letting the flow of the water take me to exotic places too much.

    Great little snippet man! I hope they keep on visiting 🙂

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    • I can write in that planned, methodical way if I am writing a report or a technical piece, But I don’t care for it and find it stilted, formulaic, and devoid of emotion as it often needs to be for that type of writing.

      But when I promoted myself to the boss of me, I banned that style, opting for what I love… letting the words flow.

      It is useful to have that training in your back pocket from time to time, but I find my best writing comes when I can shed those shackles. Keep on writing Jacob.

      The mallards were here last night. 🐦

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