Deluge — Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

Title: Deluge
Source: Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge
The Prompt: Use these 3 words (gray, wind, echoes) to spark your imagination.  BUT you CANNOT USE these 3 words.

Photo by Caitlyn Noble on Unsplash

The storm blew across the lake, chasing clouds, whipping waves and dancing between the slashing lightning and pelting raindrops. The waves crashed into the rocks spewing geysers of water high into the frigid air.

Aela stood at the precipice, the future balance on the blade of her ax. A modern-day warrior she stood guard, prepared for battle. Unsure of the way forward she was unable to turn back. The scream smashed against the water wall reverberating in her ears as it shattered into frozen shards that slammed her body and slashed her soul.

The storm abated, and she knew what she must do.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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