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I take exception to this quote as I don’t see the point in writing a bad story. If you are going to the trouble of writing you need to write a good story. You can fix bad writing. However, a story that is ill-conceived, not well thought out or lacking cohesiveness, well I suppose you could fix it, but that seems more work than it is worth. Not to mention it is a waste of writing time.

I will assume we all have fabulous story ideas and are spending this month writing a good story, badly.

What is your biggest stumbling block this month?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

9 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. I have been meaning to coment on this for several days now but other things like my latest story have precluded my comments. And you may conclude that I am out in left field with my comments anyway.

    My first reaction was ‘Come on, Man! You are out of your ever loving mind!” What he is saying is tantamount to saying “Don’t worry about your own personal safety. If you have an accident you will always heal afterwards.” How many of us ascribe to that line of thought?

    No doubt that your first draft is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. In my writing I first write it then edit it and then review it for grammer, punctuation, quotes and typos and other anomalies at least once, usually twice or more times. Nothing says that it is a perfect story then by any stretch but it may be at least paletable to most readers except those “long hair writers” with long gray beards and failing eyesight. My beard is not long but my eyesight has seen better days and that is all the more reason to have someone else to review what you have written.


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