Carol of the Bells — Weekly Writing Challenge

Title: Carol of the Bells
Source:  Weekly Writing Challenge #167
Word count: 217 words

The cacophony of voices ascended to the church’s vaulted ceiling, swirling into the gilded dome, reaching toward heaven then echoed back to earth. With a sharp “click, click, click”, the director tapped his baton on the black metal music stand. A hush descended. The silence lay thick on the marble floor, muffling small movements as the group took their assigned places.

The director surveyed the group, assessed their readiness, commanded their attention and smiled. He lifted the baton, and everyone inhaled in anticipation. On the first beat, they sang with one voice, a singing bell supported the ostinato and angels reflected perfection to the mortals below.

The director led them through practice twice more before he was satisfied.


Sister Bernadette was called to serve long ago when she was a young girl. Today’s mass was special for her, it marked the anniversary of her ordination. She watched the director raise the baton, the music swelled, and she closed her eyes. Sister Bernadette felt her soul soar with the music when she opened her eyes she gazed upon the face of an angel.

“Please,” the word was barely audible harmonizing with the bells. “May I have a hint? One tiny clue?”

The angel shook his head causing the pealing of tiny bells.

“The answer lies in your heart.”


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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