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Yup, we are entering the point in the month where “trying” doesn’t cut it. Do. Write words. Write badly. Write out of sequence. Write without thinking of anything else.

Words on the page = words you can edit next month = potential finished novel. But none of that matters right now. Right now, write.

What is your goal for today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

9 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. What? Ray Bradbury was a highly accomplished and respected AUTHOR but, his quote makes no sense. Thinking is the MOTHER and FATHER of creativity. Just how on earth can anyone create without thinking? Anyone can put a bunch of jiberish down without thinking but, that in no way makes it creative. Where did the phrase MINDLESS JIBERISH come from? The good writer must create a story that is coherent from start to finish and realy appeals to the readers sense of reality. If the writer’s story does not make sense it is not creative and is therefore JIBERISH.

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    • Ray Bradbury was a great author indeed. While I do not know the exact context form which this quote is lifted I would suspect it is not an endorsement for writing mindless gibberish. Rather I would take this as an admonishment to get out of your own head, to not worry about editing or marketing or your potential reader. There is a time and place for those concerns AFTER you have performed the first step of doing the writing.


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