Daily Quote


It snowed this weekend. It was beautiful. I started a fire in the fireplace, positioned my chair beside it, and I wrote. The crackle and pop of the logs was the only sound and I made progress writing my story.

In the rooms quiet, I heard a tapping at my window. My good friend Tufts the squirrel had ventured into the snow, looking for a tasty peanut. Luckily, there is a bag next to the door with her name on it.ย I tossed a handful to her. She nabbed a peanut, scampered to the maple tree, and perched on a low branch affording a great view of her snack table.

The neighborhood squirrels have developed finely tuned hearing. They know the sound of peanuts hitting the deck. Gordo, Little Guy, and Newbie arrived, chasing and vying with Tufts for a prize peanut. The joke was on them. Two blue jays swooped in, claiming the prize peanut. The squirrels watched the jays fly, peanuts clamped in their beaks and surveyed the bare ground. I swear they smiled as they donned their pitiful beggar faces, and in unison, turned to stare at the peanut dispenser in the window.

Who are your writing companions?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

17 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. How beautiful. I canโ€™t see the pucture due to being blind, but it sounds wonderful. My companions are coal tits, a robin, rooks, squirrels, cats, dogs, a badge and any other critter that happens to be hanging about!

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  2. i felt in the room with you, the cold, the fireplace, the tiny visitors. These are the small things that inspire and give birth to something really deep and satisfying for a writer. I like being alone when i write, my thoughts are my best writing companion.

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