Turkey Take Away — Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

Title: Turkey Take Away
Source: Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge
The Prompt: Write from the perspective of anything on or around a Thanksgiving table—turkey, fork, candle, chair, table, mashed potatoes—whatever! Be that object and write a humorous piece.
Note: This fails on the humorous aspect of the prompt, but here it is, just the same.


Photo credit: waitscm on VisualHunt / CC BY

Dinner is done, and the guests are gone. The parade was the coldest on record they say. But Santa arrived safely, kicking off Black Friday sales.  I sit alone, forgotten on the dining room table. From decades of performances, I know I will soon be put away.

Each year is the same. They return the witches, skeletons and creepy, crawly things to their coffins and me and my pilgrim friends and installed in places of honor. They cook and clean and drop leaves into the dining room table, then set up card tables and extra chairs in every available corner.

The doorbell rings and the guests arrive, filling the house with delectable aromas wafting from the dishes they bring. At the appointed hour, they all gather round and bow their heads. For one brief moment, they take stock of their lives and give thanks for a bounty their ancestors would not have dreamed possible.

In a flash, it evaporates, as they pass plates, food piled high, and speak of the sales and the things they must buy. Don’t get me wrong, love and true caring live here, but others have been more grateful with less to hold dear.

I sat on the table and listened to the laughter and remember the times when things were much harder. Then something happened which had never happened. Santa appeared with a piece of pumpkin pie in his hand and sat down in a dining room chair. He smiled at me and told me I should not despair, and explained to my little turkey brain, that hardship comes in ways I could not conceive.

He left me sound advice, to follow his creed, the only thing I needed to do, was truly believe.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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