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Snowstorms and power outages make for some interesting challenges. Good thing the fire is burning in the fireplace, the candles are lit and there is just enough juice in the computer to compose this post. I will write until the battery runs low. Just not sure who will give out first. Or maybe the power will be restored?

What obstacles stand in the way of your writing today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

9 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. hope the power came on soon, well at least there’s paper and pen to the rescue if the inspiration is fueled by the darkness. i love this quote! my own stinking thinking can be my biggest stumbling block.

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      • I hope the snow will still be there in January, well in the parts i am coming to!! Power outage when its cold can be super scary, I remember really freezing one particularly cold Auckland winter with no heat. but I hope some good writing came out of that Jo!!

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      • There should be plenty of snow and cold in January, for you Gina. Power outages are just things you plan on happening. They are not scary when you have been through a few. And yes I did get some writing done. ❄❄❄

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