Daily Quote


I may or may not confess to hearing voices on occasion while I am writing. They might inform me about the dialog, or way the character should act. Sometimes they might divulge secrets about their past or share their hopes and dreams.

I hope writing fiction continues to be legal, or there is a change I could be in trouble.

What are your voices telling you today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

4 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. It’s funny how so many creative people in the past have been thought of as odd, eccentric, or even mad. Perhaps it goes hand in hand with the solitary existence of people who have dedicated their lives to their art – whether it’s writing, painting, sculpting… or whatever. If voices in the head can be considered thoughts and ideas, then I am probably quite mad! Lol.
    Thought provoking, Jo. 😀

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    • Indeed. Where is the line between genius and madness? Must you be half mad to be able to create art? And what are those voices? Are they our thoughts or do they originate from another source. LOL There are so many possibles 😊 Perhaps we are all a little mad 😵

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