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I find holiday shopping and gift-giving overrated. But it does not dampen my love of the season. Driving in the neighborhood, looking at the lights is a favorite pastime. Two or three streets away, every home on the block is festooned with lights. I detour to drive by every chance I get.

I also enjoy walking the Christkindlmarket in Daley Plaza, (downtown Chicago). We often take a weekend and stay downtown for the weekend. I might make a purchase or two,Β but it is not the focus.Β Β It is about enjoying the sights, sounds, and people.

What non-holiday, holiday traditions do you observe?


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  1. I think you bring up a great point here! I feel like sharing wonderful experiences with loved ones is like the main course of a dinner to enjoy and remember, whereas presents is like the dessert. I must be hungry… πŸ™‚ I like to participate for Christmas angel programs and get together with some friends to create Christmas cards to some orphans at the local orphanage.

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  2. Chicago is on my list to visit, too bad I’ll miss it this round but sure to be there in the coming year. I can imagine how beautiful it is at this time of year with the lights and the lake. you are blessed that this gives you joy. Our tradition is to have a certain dish I only cook for Christmas or a special day like a birthday, the smell of that food cooking my kids says is the smell that Christmas is here for them. a lot has changed since they were just young kids, i think it has a deeper meaning for us now that they are older and have different roles in the celebration. Wishing you a season of peace, hope and joy my dear!

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    • One of the things I love about Chicago is that there is always so much to do. My favorite places is the Art Institute and I love the lake in all seasons. Yes there are certain foods that are only made at this time of year, your traditions sound wonderful. All the best to you my friend, during this joyous time of year.

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  3. I do appreciate the beautiful sights and sounds of Christmas. We have quit putting out such things; we blame age but probably could do it if we tried. I do enjoy others work, time, expense, and effort. Thanks, neighbors, clubs, churches, and others who maintains such loving traditions.

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