Author Appreciation


Pick a platform, Goodreads, Amazon, Wattpad, Medium wherever your author hangs out. Take a moment and leave a review. I know they will love the gesture.


Keep on writing.

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6 thoughts on “Author Appreciation

  1. No kidding. Or email them Or tweet them. For authors who aren’t mega-million best sellers, engagement is a gift. I love reviews, I live for reviews–even mediocre reviews are great. At least someone read and is interested in discussing. On the same note, comment on blog posts, not just the content but the writing: very much the same thing as a review.

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  2. When I joined Goodreads eight years ago, I vowed to write a review for every book I read. Since I was benefitting from others’ feedback, I thought it the least I could do for use of a free site. It never even occurred to me how much authors appreciated the feedback until I started working with them. I can safely say that by 12/31, I will have read 160 books and posted a review for everyone of them.

    This is a challenge I’ll happily take on every year.

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  3. Thanks for this post! I have greatly enjoyed the reviews of the book that Colin and I wrote this past summer. They warm my heart. Ir really does mean a lot having someone take the time to let us know what they think and helps spread the word to others out there. For when your name is not exactly famous, reviews are the only thing people have to go on as to whether they should purchase your book.

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