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It is great fun coming up with your New Year Resolutions, but it is also the easy part. Step 2, putting it in writing, is harder.  Setting goals requires setting milestones and planning specific details. Details that need to be broken into monthly, weekly, daily and hourly goals. It is work to break your big, audacious goal into bite-size tasty treats. How else do you eat an elephant?

This week I set goals, planned milestones, and scheduled my daily details for 2019.

What do your goals look like for next year?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

6 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. i like how you break down the goals into bite sized treats, i do bite off more than i can handle. in the coming year i would need to cut down on social engagements which may include book club discussions and visits to the theater if I am going to get my book out. My editor is actually hounding me on this!! I lack focus, that’s my setback. All the best to you on your plans and goals, I know you can do it!! do you do a lot of catch up when you fall behind?

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    • I have to break things down into what I can do today otherwise it gets to be too much. I also schedule in “catch-up” days. So if I get behind on the daily goals I have some cushion and can catch-up and get back on track. We will get there, Gina.

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      • I need to draw up a time tale of sorts and stick with it, it was great in November when I just cleared my schedule but its not so simple to do that every month. Yes we will get there, I have read that some authors take years to publish…Yikes!!

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      • Trying to sustain a November pace on a monthly basis would be difficult. But blocking out a time to write every day and sticking with it is wise. Honestly, I don’t think I could wait for years to publish. Yikes, indeed. 😲

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