River’s Run — Thursday Threads

Photo by Michael Browning on Unsplash

River’s eyes flew open.

“River?” Simon scanned her face then checked the monitors.

She yanked off sensors, pulling her IV as she leaped from the exam table and ran to the door.

“What is it?” Simon yelled.

“Reavers,” she called as the door swished open.

Medical instruments clattered to the floor as the ship lurched, rocked by an explosion. Simon stumbled through the doorway. A Reaver slammed him, snarling teeth lunging at his throat. Suddenly, its head twisted violently, and the body crumbled.

River smiled at Simon and ran. Phaser blasts echoed, and Simon heard directions shouted to the crew from Mal, the ship’s captain. River disappeared around a corner.

Rounding the corner, Simon tripped over another dead Reaver. River caught him, whispering, “Run,” before she was off again.

Behind him, Simon saw another Reaver and ran.

The hallway ended with narrow stairs descending into the cargo bay. At the bottom, River swung right, ducking behind a container. Simon tried to follow but the muzzle of Mal’s gun stopped him.

“Mal, what are you doing?”

“You know I‘ll stand for nothing but serenity and bliss on my boat,” Mal said as he took aim and fired.

The shot whizzed past Simon, lodging in the gory, rotting mass of blood and teeth of the Reaver’s head. It’s convulsing body fell into Simon and they tumbled to the floor.

Mal stepped past them to stare at River huddled under the stairs.

“That all of them, Darlin?” he asked.

River nodded.

“For now.”


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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