Artistic Reverie — Weekly Writing Challenge

Title: Artistic Reverie
Source:  Weekly Writing Challenge #175
Word count: 220 words

Photo by Jacqueline Day on Unsplash

The charcoal stains my fingers, marking me, convicting me to a labor that consumes me. Working with broad gestures, the blackness swirls, sifting across the large format paper and floating into the air. It settles in my hair, on my clothes, and dances in the gloom.

I blow. My breath lifts a dark cloud and sends it spewing misery wherever it falls. My thumb smudges into the mire, arching along the curving line and creating a homogeneous shade, a sharp contrast against the pale paper.

Pausing, I interrupt my fevered race to behold my creation, if only for an instant. The lingering stillness questions me. Do I wake from my half lucid plight or succumb to its madness?  I close my eyes, feeling emotions coursing through every fiber, my senses heightened, they claw at my throat. Demented wailing pounds upon my skull and shreds my gossamer resolve. My fingers twitch, and they dance to a master I do not know.

Another fluid gesture rips the completed sheet from the pad. The piece flutters, with a lightness that belies the burden it carries as it settles into the land of the forgotten. Pristine bleakness taunts me, coaxes me, concocts hollow promises fed with saccharine lies. In the safety of the siren song, I find shelter from the terror of the light.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer