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Do you believe in writer’s block? Or is it smoke and mirrors? A writer’s excuse used to defend not writing? I haven’t decided. But I know when I hit a wall. The thump on my forehead is a dead giveaway. My eyes glaze, words blur and, I realize just how tired I am. Clues. They demand change and it is silly to ignore the warning signs.

Today I will be kind to myself. Rest is on the agenda. Well, sort of. I will still write my minimum daily word count, but then I plan to enjoy the day. Saturday fun includes a roaring fire, sorting my books and cleaning the five bookshelves in the house. I am sure a book will leap at me, demanding a reading in the big comfy armchair by the fire. With luck, a nap will catch me in its sweet embrace.

How do you recharge your writing batteries?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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  1. I don’t know if I believe in writer’s block as a mysterious thing that just suddenly happens for no apparent reason. I think it’s more like you have a creativity battery, and if you spend your charge on other things, you’ll have nothing left for writing. My full time job is mentally taxing and requires a fair bit of creativity. So after a long day of thinking at work, when I come home I’ve got nothing left to spend. But on a slow weekend, it starts to come back.

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